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From the frozen wastes of the north and the hellish jungles of the south come brave, even reckless, warriors. Civilized people call them barbarians or berserkers and suspect them of mayhem, impiety, and atrocities. These “barbarians,” however, have proven their mettle and their value to those who would be their allies. To enemies who underestimated them, they have proved their cunning, resourcefulness, persistence, and mercilessness.[1]



A barbarian’s typical primary role in a group of adventurers is as a front-line combat specialist. No other character can match his sheer toughness. He can also serve as a good scout, thanks to his speed, skill selection, and trap sense.

The Barbarian's innate ferocity can be channeled into a focused, potent yet short rage, providing great benefit during an encounter; a large amount of extra hitpoints, a bonus to his Strength and Constitution stats, and Will saving throws, makes the Barbarian an absolutely deadly force during these rage induced periods, being incredibly resistant to magic, damage and ready to deal (the) killing blow(s). However, once this rather short period has finished, the Barbarian suffers from exhaustion penalties.


Strength is important for barbarians because of its role in combat, and several barbarian class skills are based on Strength. Dexterity is also useful to barbarians, especially those who wear light armor. Wisdom is also important for several of the barbarian’s class skills. A high Constitution score lets a barbarian rage longer (and live longer, because it gives him more hit points)

  • Str: (☆☆☆☆) Strength rules the Barbarian. You want as much as possible as fast as possible. Get a big pile of strength, and drop it on your problems.
  • Dex:(☆☆) Take a bit for AC and Reflex saves.
  • Con:(☆☆☆) With likely low AC, hit points are crucial. Get a big pile of hit points to hide behind.
  • Int:(☆) You get 4+ skill ranks and probably don't need that many, so you can dump Intelligence.
  • Wis:(☆☆) Take a bit for Listen and for Will saves.
  • Cha:(☆) Dump stat. Even if you go for fear-based builds it's easy to overcome a minor lack of Charisma.