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The questing knight, the conquering overlord, the king’s champion, the elite foot soldier, the hardened mercenary, and the bandit king— all are fighters. Fighters can be stalwart defenders of those in need, cruel marauders, or gutsy adventurers. Some are among the land’s best souls, willing to face death for the greater good. Others are among the worst, with no qualms about killing for private gain, or even for sport. Fighters who are not actively adventuring may be soldiers, guards, bodyguards, champions, or criminal enforcers. An adventuring fighter might call himself a warrior, a mercenary, a thug, or simply an adventurer.[1]



In most adventuring parties, the fighter serves as a melee combatant, charging into the fray while his comrades support him with spells, ranged attacks, and other effects. Fighters who favor ranged combat can prove very deadly, though without other melee support, they can find themselves in front-line combat more often than they might prefer.

Fighters come to their profession in many ways. Most have had formal training in a noble’s army or at least in the local militia. Some have trained in formal academies. Others are self-taught—unpolished but well tested. A fighter may have taken up the sword as a way to escape the limits of life on the farm, or he may be following a proud family tradition. Fighters share no special identity. They do not see themselves as a group or brotherhood. Those who hail from a particular academy, mercenary company, or lord’s regiment, however, share a certain camaraderie.[1]


The Fighter's abilities vary depending on your build, but the emphasis on physical ability scores is constant across nearly every Fighter.

Str:(☆☆☆☆) Almost every Fighter is Strength-based, and even the ones who aren't need Strength for the damage bonus and access to Power Attack.

Dex:(☆☆☆) Great for AC, Reflex saves, and Combat Reflexes. If you don't want to go for Combat Reflexes, you can get away with as little as 10 thanks to Heavy Plate.

Con:(☆☆☆☆) Hit points are absolutely crucial.

Int:(☆☆) Only useful if you want Combat Expertise.

Wis:(☆☆) You need a bit for the Fighter's garbage Will saves, but that's all that it gets you.

Cha:(☆) Dump stat.

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