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What is Rarity?[]

Developers are coming together to help Andre Cronje build out his, D&D 3.5e & Loot inspired, composable NFT architecture game called, Rarity.

Inspired by loot, but with a different core mechanic approach. Anyone can create a summoner, there are no limits, it doesn’t cost anything (other than gas). Once per day a summoner can adventure, earning 250xp. Once you have earned the required amount of xp to advance a level, you can level_up.

At it's core you have a summoner NFT, with a CLASS / XP AMOUNT / LVL and this can only grow through time and dedication. Then there is Attributes; a completely independent contract from the summoner NFT, but builds on top of the summoner.





Further expansions of composable building blocks for rarity.adventure() include (in no particular order):

and Dungeons

Eventually all the above leads to the Rarity Character exporter, from here, you can take your base summoner, attach attributes, feats, spells, and equipment, and then generate a composite NFT, this will allow characters to be exported that are the sum of their parts, these final NFTs will be the Rarity system game components, as well as the tradeable NFTs.

Rarity is achieved via an active economy, summoners must level, gain feats, learn spells, to be able to craft gear. This allows for market driven rarity while allowing an ever growing economy. Feats, spells, and summoner gear is omitted as part of further expansions.

This is a collaborative wiki for Rarity, a blockchain game built by Andre Cronje on Fantom network. The wiki serves as a collection of information on the base game, and as a repository for all the additional content made by the community.

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