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Halfling Rogue Disarms Trap.jpg

The pickpocket, the spy, the assassin, the scout, the swashbuckler; fleet of foot, quick to the shadows and cunning over strength. The Rogue is the underworld adept, a master of taboo skills best not mentioned in public directly, least not in any language but Thieves Cant.

The Rogue is a master of skills, having the capability to disarm traps, move without a sound, pick locks & pockets, speak many languages, and also has equal access to specific archival knowledge as any other class. On top of this, they have highly proficient innate awareness and reflexes, often instinctually moving inches out of deaths way in a moments notice. They also have deep understanding of enemy anatomy and pressure points, allowing them to execute deadly accurate sneak attacks that can fell the largest of foes in a single calculated strike. The Rogue is a natural.


The Rogues core skills are Dexterity and Intelligence, agility of body & mind going well together when pursuing this line of work. To say that any other core attribute is one not worth it to the Rogue would be a lie, for a bit of extra Strength or Constitution goes a long way when every action is a pivotal one, and Charisma might get you in or out of a sticky situation you can't seem to pick the lock for... and even lacking Wisdom is not exactly good for the Rogue, but we can certainly expect a shortage in this department usually.